Photo. Video.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Fraga Studios provides professional, high-end photography and video services throughout the East Coast. With over twenty years of experience, Fraga Studios specializes in product and architectural photography, headshots, model photography, and creative graphic design, capturing the beauty of everything from current fashion to innovative products. Fraga Studios is also a full-service video production and rental house.

Using professional cameras, advanced capturing methods, industry-standard equipment and an experienced crew, Fraga Studios works closely with their clients to provide beautiful images and tell compelling stories on budget and on time. Whether they be in the theater, in your store, or browsing the Internet, we convey your message in a powerful, meaningful way.

Design. Beauty.

The approach at Fraga Studios is to work closely with the client for the overall design and look of the finished photographs. Using advanced capturing methods, your unique images are then created quickly, with incredible attention to detail and are ready for print or web publication with a minimum of turnaround time, instantly conveying your message to your intended audience.

"We approach each piece as if it were starring in a movie. Scouting the best locations for the shot, arranging the background and supporting players, crafting the best lighting and reflection, and compositing all of this in post-production with a professional eye, shaping and perfecting the final presentation." - Lew Fraga

Fraga Studios works with such well-known brands as Tommy Bahama, Swiss Army, Tivoli, Stauer, Towson Field & Stream. Their photography has been published in Time, National Geographic, Newsweek, Playboy, Popular Photography, and Southern Living.